Charter Bus Safety

At J&R Tours, safety is our number one priority. We know that when you put your life in other people’s hands, you want them to be the very best. We want to help you relax on your journey by doing all the driving. You’ll be traveling in comfort, style, and complete safety. All of our drivers must go through a rigorous background check before they are hired, they must complete proper training, and they must hold the proper credentials to drive our charter buses before they are allowed on the road. They are also trained in customer service so that your needs are always met with a kind and friendly response.


How Do We Keep Our Buses Safe?

Our buses are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that there are never any unexpected breakdowns while driving so that you can avoid stress-inducing and dangerous accidents. We take safety very seriously here and would never allow our buses to go out on the road if they were not 100% safe. Curious to learn more about our safety features? Ready to book your trip? Give us a call today to receive your free quote!

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USDOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Not all charter bus companies are alike! Please visit the USDOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and review the J&R Tours safety history and compare to the competition. Be certain you are traveling safe. View Our Rating >

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Safety First

Dedicated to excellence, J&R Tours has earned their impeccable reputation and drive home their philosophy of “Safety First.” We bring our customers a safe and professional experience with every ride. In order to ensure this quality at all times, our drivers are required to take mandatory training exams as well as monthly tests to keep up with driving challenges. By successfully completing training and monthly tests, we’re confident we are bringing the highest level of safety and satisfying our customers needs at all times.