Charter Bus Rental Policies

Food And Beverages
J&R Tours has a no alcohol policy implemented. For further inquiries regarding this policy, contact J&R Tours.
Food and beverages are permitted during all trips. To keep the integrity of the bus, we ask all passengers to clean up after themselves.

J&R Tours has a no smoking policy for any of our buses.

Our 10-million-dollar accident/ liability insurance policy covers all scheduled charters. To cancel insurance for medical emergency conditions or to receive explanations for the various insurance options, contact J&R Tours.

Driver Safety
Mandated by the Federal Government, J&R Tours drivers are not permitted to work more than 15 hours per day. For longer charters, drivers are permitted to make a quick stop for restroom use, nourishment, and/or rest. These quick stops are to ensure the safety of those on board as well as the driver. During overnight trips, the driver must be off duty for 9 hours for sleep.

Idling The Coach
Be advised that environmental regulations prohibit motor coaches from idling while picking up/dropping off passengers in certain cities and/or towns across the country. J&R Tours adopted this policy to follow the law and to do our part in caring for the environment.

An adult must be present on board with minors to monitor their activity. Please advise minors to respect the driver and coach bus as they would their own homes and classrooms.

ADA Regulations
J&R Tours is pleased to comply with ADA regulations for all of our guests. For those in your group who need further assistance, please contact J&R Tours ahead of the scheduled trip so we can accommodate these passengers.

Per ADA Regulations, J&R Tours is required to know the height, weight, and length of the mobility device and will not be able to accommodate a device that exceeds the 600-pound weight limit and/or the 30” X 48” size limit. All passengers must be seated in a regular seat or belted to their mobility device. If available, the passenger can be transported to a coach seat.

J&R Tours is dedicated to providing the best quality travel experience to all of our passengers. Please let us know how we are doing!