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J&R Tours™ make chartering a bus simple- and because of our excellent reputation and record you can be sure that your travel plans will be safe and dependable. J&R Tours™ has buses of all sizes available and a variety of tours and packages to choose from, or tell us your plans and we can help customize a charter bus just for your group. We offer everything from corporate bus shuttles, large group tours, transportation for school trips, to bridal party buses… just call and tell us your plan. For your convenience you can check availability and request quotes online.  Our equipment and vehicles are expertly maintained and undergo rigorous routine inspections to go above and beyond mandated safety requirements. Our friendly staff and drivers are thoroughly trained and are required to adhere to J&R Tours’ strict rules and code of conduct at all times.  CHARTER_BUTTON

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Not all charter bus companies are alike; J&R Tours has been a family run business for over 30 years and has earned countless awards from the TRAVEL AND TOURS INDUSTRY with our impeccable reputation for quality vehicles and our top-rated “SAFETY FIRST” Philosophy. In Southern Westchester County, J&R Tours is recognized for handling the highest volume of bookings and tour requests for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas while supporting all travel tours NATIONWIDE. SAFETY RECOGNITION: We invite you to visit the USDOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and review the J&R Tours safety history and compare to the competition.

About J&R Tours

We service all requests for local, regional and national charter buses and tours in the U.S.  With over 50 buses in our fleet, J&R is equipped with a complete line of vehicle options and sizes to suit all your travel needs.  Choose from Standard to Deluxe buses for passengers ranging in size from 14 to 54 people.  We also have various Wheelchair-accessible coach and minibuses.  J&R is your full service choice for bus rentals and tours with excellent response time (usually within 24 hours notice).


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